Prop Preservation + Research

I hope to be able to help you with your next project interest, with the information saved and catalogued here!

Live Action Media

Myst Series: Live Action Props (PDF) (Coming Soon)


For a long period of time, fans of Myst were stumped as to what the original props used for the infamous "Linking Books" in the series were.

However, thanks to a mix of my own efforts, the efforts of countless fans around the world, and Cyan themselves, (almost) all has been revealed! 

National Treasure: The Ocular Device (Coming Soon)


Yes, "the vision to see the treasured past" CAN be made (from existing parts), and it doesn't cost any more than $150!

Other (Coming Soon)


Be on the look-out for more prop information! 

Video Games (In Progress)


Digimon: Wizardmon's Magic Scepter


I produced this for use in multiple Comic-Con events, and now I'd like to show you how to make your own!